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DaBaby - Practice (Official Music Video)

IG: @DaBaby
Directed By: @Gemini.one1
Song Produced By: @Sean_thefirstz
Billion Dollar Baby Ent.

DaBaby - Practice (Official Audio)

Title: Dababy – Practice

Dababy –Practice
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#Dababy #BlaimItOnBaby #Practice

I Practiced Nothing But La Campanella For 5 Days Straight | Life Vlog

In this video, I practiced nothing but La Campanella for 5 days (from March 3 to March 7), 120 hours. Besides scales and Hanon, I did not let myself practice anything else on the piano, culminating in a final recording made on Day 5. I made this Vlog to document my journey, which also includes some perspective into my story and personal life. I hope my longtime fans who have supported me for so many years, will enjoy this Vlog as this is the first one I have ever done.

My exact promise to myself: After making the recording on March 7, I will never practice La Campanella again or record it in a studio setting. I will however perform La Campanella during my concert performances or livestream concerts (but not practice or casual livestreams), and before those performances, will allow myself to runthrough La Campanella twice at a modest tempo, but cannot work on any individual sections.

Why did I create this challenge for myself? The reason is because for years, I have wanted to record La Campanella, a truly legendary piece, but I also kept getting distracted by other projects. But I have found over my life that it is not good to work on multiple projects at once, but rather, it is better to dedicate myself 100% to one project and finish it, if it is important to me.


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Timestamps -
0:00 Day 1 Intro
0:45 Day 1 Initial Playthrough
5:39 Day 1 Practice Thoughts
6:02 Day 2 Intro
7:35 Day 2 Gym
8:53 Day 2 Practice Thoughts
10:08 Day 3 Intro
11:02 Day 3 Practice Thoughts
12:12 Day 3 Nature Walk
12:34 Day 4 Intro
13:07 Day 4 24-Hour Livestream - Practicing La Campanella
18:06 Day 5 Intro (24-hr livestream cont'd)
19:38 Day 5 Final Practice
20:52 Day 5 Final Recording Session
22:11 Day 5 FINAL HOUR
23:47 Official La Campanella Recording - MusicalBasics
28:21 Concluding thoughts




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