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Expert Series of Industrial Blowers

This video is about INFINAIR industrial process blowers, which we have named the Process ExpertTM series.
Fausto Piña : Yes excelente Quality.
tony zuo : we are experienced ac electric motor manufacturer in China
single phase motors 1/2hp-10hp three phase motors 1/4hp-420hp
wlcome for cooperation
tony zuo : we produce single phase and three phase electric motors for fans blowers,pumps,food processing equipment,compressor.
If you are looking for a better supplier,then come to us.
Gregorio Bautista : San po aq pde makabili
Jim Mason : Funny how even in the mid 1990's China had no industrial fan manufacturers....yet all of a sudden they developed these fans....course they talk about an middle-class of fan but don't manufacture one...cause they probably don't care about the increased efficiency.....wonder who they copied the design of off....

DIY - Dust Collector Centrifugal Air Blower [4K]

In this video, I make a Dust Extraction System. It's a way to get the dust out of my workshop. I am building many parts using 10mm plywood. I use the electric motor that I removed from an old fan.

There are many air blower videos on Youtube. Very good videos, what I did was a dust collector Centrifugal Air blower that works quietly, though not very powerfully. It consumes very little electricity and works great. It easily collects and expels the wood dust in my workshop.

#airblower #diyairblower #dustcollector #centrifugalairblower #greensaw

You can find all dimensions in the pdf document.
➤PDF (dimensions-plan) download page :

➤Tools/Supplies Used :
Quick Clamp :

Disc Sander :

➤My website :

DIY Tools:
Sanders :\u0026list=PLZFzQVHwj15iczFFydOxbcMt1TIWLeeMs
Wood Turning :
Drilling Tools :
Wood Works :
Celaning :\u0026list=PLZFzQVHwj15icbL6VEqXyzrPR7DD5ImZm
Band Saw :\u0026list=PLZFzQVHwj15gsCAgmzixToLgOxGggRivn
Werner Pfeifer : What do you want to do with 65 watts? My razor will soon have so much! At least one zero is missing. And 3000 turns per minute!
wildson dias : Parabéns!!!
Excelente trabalho
Antonio Luiz Goncalves : Ótimo projeto
lorenzo perez : muchas gracias por todos tus proyectos, eres uno de los pocos que regala sus planos para que todos podamos construir nuestras maquinas.
Dias'Fer (com mais de 300 Funções) : ficou muito bom, parabéns!

I Used A Leaf Blower To Make My Car Fast!

One time I put a leaf blower on my friend's Toyota Tacoma and it went viral. Now we're putting an even bigger leaf blower on my Turbo Miata.

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PoeBoys : Leaf blowers are the ultimate form of boost prove me wrong. But for real, making these videos is so freaking fun!
Tyler’s Garage : I’ve been watching for 3 years and I’m loving how Gavin is trying to grow the channel even more
Dan's R&C : If you used an electric blower, would it become a rebranded eco boost?
straightup410 : ive been watching this channel for almost 4 now and it's grown so much. love the content brotha keep up the hard work.




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