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Entertainment industry 400A powersafe connectors.

A look at some of the Powersafe powerlock-style connectors used for connecting high current supplies in the entertainment industry, temporary power industry and various industrial applications including factories and quarries. They allow suitably trained individuals to make a very fast high current connection easily and safely.

The Powerlock style connector replaced the older Camlock connector which was similar to a welding connector and had a very open construction with exposed live metal on both the plug and socket. The new style has fully shrouded connections, keying to avoid misconnection and a locking pin to prevent accidental detachment.

They can be terminated either using the set-screw clamping as shown, with various reducing sleeves for smaller cables, or a version is available that can be crimped on. Once assembled and mated they are well protected against ingress of water and dirt.

These connectors were generously supplied by Phase 3 connectors Ltd.
They are manufactured in the UK. (Which is reassuring to know.)

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Сборка 400 amp Power Lock

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Powersafe Powerlock Box - Phase 3 Connectors

Powersafe Power Distribution Box

The Powersafe Power Distribution Box is an electrical connection point for single pole connectors on three phase applications up to 800A. The Powersafe Box has a sequential mating locking system to ensure safety circuits are connected first and disconnected last (FMLB). Furthermore, the keyed design eliminates the possibility of electrical connection errors. The temporary power distribution box accepts connection of Powersafe power connectors. Suitable for low voltage power distribution, the electrical panel board comes in both source and drain versions and in two panel sizes, 88mm and 108mm.

Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muraqmk5QFw

Visit: https://p3connectors.com/portfolio/powersafe-power-distribution-box/




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