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New MST mk1 - ultimate 'Escort' exclusive first drive

Welcome to this Late Brake Show episode on the brand new MST mk1 ultimate 'Escort' exclusive first drive. When are classic Escorts not classic? When they are brand new. This is the MST Mk1, a completely new car with no Ford badges on it, built from the ground up in Wales. Jonny Smith gets the world exclusive first drive of this first MST mk1 'fast road' spec demonstrator (equipped with 2.0-litre BDG engine on Jenvey throttle bodies and Ford Type-9 5-speed gearbox) and reviews it around the spiritual home of the rwd rally Escort.

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The Late Brake Show was invited back to the MST cars HQ - - which has been selling Escort and rally parts for over 10 years. Jonny had seen the mid-build of this Mk1 when he exclusively drove the new Mk2.

The new car launch playlist is proudly supported by Continental Tyres
Youtube: @Continental Tyres TV
Twitter: @contiuk
Facebook: @ContinentalTyresUK
Instagram: @continental_tyres

If you haven't seen the previous film of the Mk2 click here:\u0026t=654s

Head to for the full technical specs, but here is a run down of the MST Mk1:
Stage 1 from £85,000 + vat
Stage 2 (fast road/track as tested) from £95,000 + vat
Group 4 rally car from £98,000 + vat

from £17,500 (ex VAT)
Made using Magnum steel panels (Rochdale, UK)
Type 49 with added strengthening.
Optional 'tarmac rally' alloy arches (as tested)
Optional weld-in roll cage
Optional turreted rear suspension (as tested)

250bhp 2.0-litre BDG with Jenvey throttle bodies (as tested)
200bhp 2.5-litre Ford Duratec
All alloy, Life Racing ECU, ATR billet throttle bodies, h/duty clutch, Simpson stainless exhaust, alloy radiator
Optional 350bhp 2.5-litre Millington Diamond

5-speed Ford Type 9 (as tested)
6-speed Mazda MX-5
Optional sequential (paddle or floor shift)

Adjustable 2.25" Bilstein dampers (as tested)
Optional WRC Ohlins or Rieger dampers

Leaf spring stock rear with anti-tramp bars
6-link Atlas motorsport axle (as tested)
Optional Gripper Motorsport LSD

Variable electric power steering (Vauxhall Corsa)
High ratio 2.4 turn rack

AP Racing 4-pot front disc
AP Racing 2-pot rear disc
Girling master cylinder
Optional Hydraulic handbrake (as tested)
Optional J Hook WRC spec

Fuel system:
12 gallon centrally mounted alloy race tank
twin fuel pumps (optional)

Wheels \u0026 tyres:
Genuine Minilite 13, 15 or 17-inch
Kumho Ecsta V70A tyres

Many thanks to Motorsport Tools ( )

MST Cars Ltd. / Motorsport Tools UK Ltd. Is not authorised or otherwise affiliated with Ford Motor Company.


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Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant
Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter \u0026 car pervert for hire since '98

0:00 Intro
0:34 Welcome to Wales
1:20 Sound up
1:30 Supported by Continental Tyres
1:55 Walk around the mk1 with Carwyn Ellis
2:48 Carwyn's Escort collection
3:47 2.0-litre BDG engine
5:00 Different engine choices
6:20 First driving impressions
8:09 Gearbox choices
9:33 Serving suggestion for your bespoke mk1
9:59 Interior
11:43 Bare shell only available
13:27 Naughty donut....
15:29 Full throttle
17:51 Rear end features
19:28 Bodyshell building
21:30 Jonny loves a catalogues
22:00 Back on the road
25:30 Proudly made in the UK
26:23 Inside the boot
27:51 An EV version coming?
28:44 Verdict
30:21 Supported by Continental tyres

#newmk1escort #mstescort #escortrestomod #fordescortmk1
eddytheviper : What Carwyn and his team have done here is nothing short of incredible and really, this is the sort of stuff the UK excels at we should take more pride in.

Gorgeous bit of motor journalism and content here. Long live the LBS.
Mark Smart : Forget Top Gear and The Grand Tour - this is where real car content is at - no arsing about - no over blown digital effects - just good camera work, well made content by a proper bloke who’s relatable and likeable - remarkable what you can do without a big production team and stellar budget - these videos have warmth - something the big shows can’t buy
Stirling : I’m sure I’m not alone by saying MST are doing what a lot of full and part time old school enthusiasts have wanted for years. This is exciting and innovative. Showing up at any car show, classic or otherwise, would be warmly received in a new MST. The classic Mk1 shape is timelessly reproduced with respect. MST deserve to become the UK’s biggest kit car (?) manufacturer.
Jezza : Loved every moment of this. What an amazing company to bring this total icon back. Everyone I knew had one back in the 70s and 80s and seeing a 'new' one again and the enjoyment on your face driving it was epic. Also hats off to the production and presentation of this film, it just keeps getting better!
Tim Waller : How this channel doesn't already having at least a million subscribers is nuts! Your production quality is on another level. Not to mention the content. Keep it up Jonny

dominikaani bordell - mis siin toimub? #2

tere sõbrad. mis siin toimub? te olete legendid, et kuulate meie teist podcasti.
tänases episoodis arutame hiljutiste uudiste üle ning samuti ka räägime teile lugusid oma dominikaani reisist, mida te pole veel kuulnud.
ainuke asi, mis võtab kokku kogu dominikaani reisi, on küsimus: mis siin toimub?


apple podcast:




edit: @sakarinin
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Vallo Järv : Silm puhkab, oleks aeg ka põhikanali pilt nii heaks saada. Produktsioon ja pildikvaliteet on hoopis teisest maailmast!
Villukas18 : See on üks ütlemata tore podcast...
Kirke : Olete kõvasti vaeva näinud setiga ja kvaliteediga! Contenti teil ka jagub!!! Väga äge!!!!
Janika K : See pissuaarde lugu oli super Naisena polnud õrna aimugi Rääkige veel meeste lugusid
Kertu Tamm : Niiii head hääled on Teil, mõnus kuulata ja no niii ägedad lood! Lemmikud olete!

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What is a Minimum Cost Spanning Tree?

Prims Algorithm
Kruskals Algorithm

Problems for Spanning Tree


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Torothethird : This man is a legend, literally getting carried through this com sci degree
bubka : Abdul, you are one of the best computer science teachers on youtube. Keep it going!
AdityaFingerstyle : In Prim's Algorithm, it is not necessary to choose the minimum cost edge initially. 8:02
You can choose an arbitrary vertex V and then start building the tree from it.
Hritvik Jamwal : The amount of hard-work you put for making this playlist is absolutely commendable. Thanks a lot for such a clear and concise explanation.




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