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Logitech Z5500 Best Mod

This mode makes the system sound much better, much louder, more lively and more realistic.
If you have problems with the system this mode can be useful!

Everyone does at their own risk, I am not responsible if you damage something in this system!

I'm sorry for my english.


Logitech Z5500 Display light repair!

Logitech Z5500 Problem solving

Logitech Z5500 Test

Logitech Z5500 Control pod Mod

Logitech Z5500 Bass test!

For this mode you need.

5 x 0.47UF 63V Axial Film Capacitors

2 x Elna for Audio 63V 10000UF

1 x Nichicon 80V 4700UF

5 x OPA1612AID
TheCoconutGod : awesome broski im from twitter
TragestyX : I am getting ready to pick up one of these systems. Great timing for the video. Now, have you done any modding to the Z2300?
Uğur Ata : Don't know if you tried it, but was your Elnas rolling evenly when you rolled them over the table? And how can you seperate the real ones with fake ones, you got an idea? Just got em in and am a bit suspicious..
joe ph : Those 3 big caps are for the sub? Right now I'm using the z5500 sub on a complete 7.1 home theater with onkyo amp. For movies, the sub is perfect, deep and not too loud. But when I listen music and pump the volume at higher level, the sub feels weak, like if it doesnt get enough power. Im wondering if this mod can help.
Brayan Nexon : Is this Almi's z5500 mod on the head fi forum?

Logitech Z5500 At Max Volume? Okay!

Just thought I would mess around with this speaker system seeing as though it's been a while :)

Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjysS8kHzEg_Of_RBSkNXwQ

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2pac All eyez on me : should it necessarily be tied to the back of the car with a green cable or maybe with another
SicCoyote : Who's listening to this video on their Logitech Z5500 speakers?
phantomplayer5079 : i ma not an unsubscribed viwer bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i sub and aktive clock xD you MONSTER hehe
Petru : When you realize that the Z5500 was released back in 2004 when PS2 was around and stuff... and the subwoofer is still holding up agains other sound systems
Anand Kumar :

Using the Logitech Z5500 in 2021

bluetooth for the z5500
Icerse correa fraga : Just a second-hand logitec z5500 has just appeared in my area, for about $ 150, do you recommend buying?
Mirc : love them, i bought new in around 2008, the best computer speakers. they sound decent for movies. i should connect it through optical and get the most sound out of rear speakers, they always echoed or at least thats how i heard them like no full sourround, just occasional echo in movies.. But still great ones :) unbreakable :)
Surinder Kaur : I love them.. is it somehow possible to use them for karoke ? I dont wanna buy a separate karoke system..
wufler28 : I have had my set for almost 12 years and used them for surround only. I bought a marantz reciever and used the speaker with it. Hacked the sub, so i could get rid of the control pod. Works perfect.
James McNiven : At 2:37 you mention the option of putting an Aux cable straight into it but you don't want to. Is there any reason why you've chosen the RCA inputs over Aux?




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