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G20 summit in Rome focuses on climate change, coronavirus | DW News

The G20 summit is underway in Rome as leaders from the world's major industrialized nations meet.
Outgoing German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is among the dignitaries who are in the Italian capital for the two-day gathering. Among the topics being discussed is the coronavirus pandemic - with emergency workers invited to join the leaders for a photo. Tackling global warming is also top of the agenda, ahead of the COP26 climate conference which begins on Sunday. Most of those attending the G20 in Rome will travel onward to Glasgow for that key UN climate summit.
It is Biden's first major European trip to meet world leaders as president. The devout Catholic keeps a photograph of Pope Francis on his desk at the White House. He met with his hero face-to-face at the Vatican.
For more than an hour, the two leaders spoke privately about climate change, the pandemic and poverty. The visit is the prequel of two major summits happening this weekend. In Rome, the G20 and in Glasgow the COP26 climate summit. Back home, Biden suffered a setback for his pricy infrastructure plan, which focuses in part on the environment.
But ahead of the G20, young people are pushing for action on the climate.
Getting more jabs in people's arms in rich and poor countries is also a priority at the first face-to-face summit since the pandemic hit. But before Biden joins in on the global cooperation to tackle monumental problems, he first had a very public Mea Culpa with French President Emmanuel Macron.
Biden apologized for the US's botched handling of a submarine deal with Australia, which cut out France.
For his part Macron is ready to move forward.
Both sides hope the rebuilding of trust will help bring about the change young people are marching for.

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#G20RomeSummit #ClimateChange #Coronavirus
tan adrian : We all know that the meeting wasn't really on climate change and covid 19, ironically these are the least worries for them
S B : Love the youths standing up!! That's the way!!
rucy addm : Trust me, they might reach an agreement, but never keep promise. Greed always prioritize to Climate Change.
כולנו ביחד : The Climate Waits for No One
Thirty years ago, a friend of mine got into the green energy business and tried to pull me into it. I asked him what for, it isn’t serious. He said, “You have no idea how much money is being poured into it. Everyone wants in on it, politicians, financiers, businesspeople, the lot.” He was right, of course. Yet, no one wants to promote green energy in order to save the planet, but only to swell up their pockets even more. The declarations, therefore, remain in the assembly hall where they are stated, necessary actions are ignored, and the climate waits for no one: It will keep deteriorating.
This week in Glasgow, Scotland, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference is taking place. Officially, it aims to “bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” In reality, the countries plan to do the exact opposite. This year’s UN Production Gap Report, which tracks the discrepancy between governments’ planned fossil fuel production and actual global production levels, states the following: “Despite increased climate ambitions and net-zero commitments, governments still plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels in 2030 than what would be consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C [2.7°F].”
Energy sources and technologies do change, but not according to what is best for the planet. It changes according to the interests of politicians and money moguls, and it never benefits the planet or the majority of its inhabitants, namely all of us.
Since the climate waits for no one, eventually, it will catch up with us. Earth is a closed system, and in a closed system, there are consequences to exploitation: it hurts the abuser as well as the abused.
I don’t know when or at what cost, but eventually, we will all have to realize that we cannot take beyond what we need. We cannot keep exploiting Earth selfishly and thoughtlessly because it will turn against us.
Earth is like a submarine: there is only so much oxygen on board. If some crew members take more than their quota, the rest will not have enough, they will die, and the submarine will sink along with those who exceeded their quota.
We need constant reminders that we are one system, and we are all dependent on each other. We need to genuinely grasp that selfishness hurts us just as being exploitative hurts others. If we constantly remind ourselves that we are interdependent, we will behave with more consideration, and we will avoid the punitive impact of climate change.
The other option is to keep working as the UN’s Production Gap Report states that we are planning to work, and suffer nature’s unforgiving response. I hope we wise up in time because everyone will pay the price for this mistake.
Spam Me : "What can we do to reward the people most critical in overcoming the corona crisis?" "Better wages? Better work-place conditions? Improved spending on health care in general? Ensuring new and better equipment? Improved regulations on work hours?" "How about we take, like, 5 of them and they can be in a picture with a bunch of politicians?" "Perfect, that'll satisfy them. Scratch everything else."

G20 summit: World leaders meet for 1st in-person gathering in 2 years, attend gala dinner on day 1

World leaders met in Rome, Italy, on Saturday on the first day of the G20 gathering for the first in-person summit they've held since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

As presidents and prime ministers like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden met to discuss issues including climate change and vaccine equity, the spouses of several visited the Colosseum.

The various leaders then gathered in the evening to attend an official dinner at the presidential palace, with the U.K.'s Prince Charles also in attendance.

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Lone Wanderer : The elites need to be able to go out and 'rub elbows' and decide which rules for the masses, but not the elites need to be made to fill their pockets in the most efficient way possible.
Jin the Hanakji : Look at you Korea! My motherland! Well done! Taking the world by storm and making us Koreans proud
Bart : I love that they placed Biden on the far left-bottom in the group photo
Smee & Family : JT's private meeting with British PM. The topic was: "Boris, can you get me the location of a good supply of funky socks?"
Bring Back Sanity : The very people the world needs to remove.

2021 G20 Summit Rome, Italy: Day 1

#G20Summit #G20
2021 G20 Summit Rome, Italy: Day 1

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Jessica Recep : They're great
rub tyson : I really want my portfolio to be up to $100,000,000 before a year, I guess it can be possible
neverlostforwords : Bojo and Carrie arriving at the evening cultural ceremony at. 9:28:00
SOCRATE : Luca 11:38-52

38 Il fariseo, veduto questo, si meravigliò che non si fosse lavato prima del pranzo. 39 Il Signore gli disse: «Voi farisei pulite l'esterno della coppa e del piatto, ma il vostro interno è pieno di rapina e di malvagità. 40 Stolti, Colui che ha fatto l'esterno, non ha fatto anche l'interno? 41 Date piuttosto in elemosina quello che è dentro il piatto; e ogni cosa sarà pura per voi.

42 Ma guai a voi, farisei, perché pagate la decima della menta, della ruta e di ogni erba, e trascurate la giustizia e l'amor di Dio! Queste sono le cose che bisognava fare, senza tralasciare le altre.

43 Guai a voi, farisei, perché amate i primi posti nelle sinagoghe, e i saluti nelle piazze.

44 Guai a voi, perché siete come quei sepolcri che non si vedono, e chi vi cammina sopra non ne sa niente».

45 Allora uno dei dottori della legge, rispondendo gli disse: «Maestro, parlando così, offendi anche noi». 46 Ed egli disse: «Guai anche a voi, dottori della legge, perché caricate la gente di pesi difficili da portare, e voi non toccate quei pesi neppure con un dito!

47 Guai a voi, perché costruite i sepolcri dei profeti, e i vostri padri li uccisero. 48 Voi dunque testimoniate delle opere dei vostri padri e le approvate; perché essi li uccisero e voi costruite loro dei sepolcri. 49 Per questo la sapienza di Dio ha detto: "Io manderò loro dei profeti e degli apostoli; ne uccideranno alcuni e ne perseguiteranno altri", 50 affinché del sangue di tutti i profeti sparso fin dall'inizio del mondo sia chiesto conto a questa generazione; 51 dal sangue di Abele fino al sangue di Zaccaria che fu ucciso tra l'altare e il tempio; sì, vi dico, ne sarà chiesto conto a questa generazione.

52 Guai a voi, dottori della legge, perché avete portato via la chiave della scienza! Voi non siete entrati, e a quelli che volevano entrare l'avete impedito».
Bill Hassa : 1:19:20 İtibardan hiç tasarruf etmemişiz yine.




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